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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


At what age does a man begin to learn basic manners? No, it's not going to be a man-bashing session, because I know women can be just as guilty of treating others in a not-so-shabby-chic-manner ...

Being at a stage in my life when I am feeling ultimately vulnerable, fragile and weakened, I try to protect myself, nurturing myself, gently, while my torn wings heal. I've met a man - I've met a couple of men - within the last six weeks, and (because they've both behaved the same way) I'm going to generalize them together into one man here - just for the sake of editorializing this post.

Met him on a dating site - we talked, wrote and seemed to like each other very much ... he suddenly had something side-swipe his world and he suddenly stopped communicating with me - although he remained actively on the site ... he swore he was interested, and begged my forgiveness - could we try again?

... REMEMBER, I am really talking about 2 different men, so, if "you're" reading this - don't be so vain thinking I mean you ...

I said I don't know - hurt me once - I might try to understand why you've done what you've done - hurt me twice - then fuck you! It's as simple as that ... There is no 3rd chance - no 3 strikes you're out - it's only twice - you're lucky.

So, here's the thing - he says, Yes, I'm serious - I'd like another chance; I'd like to actually get to know you ... I asked him if he was aware of my erotic tastes and he says yes - he's visited this blog, and he knows ... but, when I mention it to him more specifically, he is taken back somewhat - he has no clue what I'm talking about until I (gently) tell him about me ... So, what part of this blog does not say that I am sexually submissive? Putting that aside, he's a sweetheart, and I decide I still like him, and yeah, I'd like to try again too ...

But, I want to start over; back to square one - the emails, and later a possible visit ... though, I did calculate our time lost into the equasion - maybe we could meet sooner. However, I did beg him to please not take me on any other trips; don't ignore me; don't keep me in the dark; don't toy with or waste my time; don't promise me what you have no intention or capability of delivering. He said he would never treat me that way again ... of course he said that ... He'd call me the next day, and we'd set our plans in motion ...

Of course he didn't call ... duh! ... Of course he was online ... Of course he didn't have the manners or common courtesy to say, 'hey, I changed my mind; or hey, I'm busy right now; I'll get back to you later ...' Just more of the same bullshit from before.

Third strike - third chance? Um, remember my rules - I don't think in terms of 3's.

He said, another guy - one of his "g's" - said to beware of me because I'm on the site all the time. WTF? What's THAT supposed to mean - that I'm a Site Whore? I don't know; but he immediately said, (and this is the other half of the alter ego talking) that me being onsite all the time made me a player. Hmm, I'm flattered.

I'm not talking about teenagers, or 20, 30 or even 40 year old boys ... I'm talking grown men in their 50's ... Five decades is enough to learn basic manners, courtesy and being gentle and kind to one another ... you would think.

Would I consider having either spank me - in love or war? Hell no! If I can't trust you with my heart, what makes you think I'll turn my ass over to you too?

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