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Sunday, September 13, 2009


Someone commented on Friday's post regarding my indecision about my dom from New England. If you've read it, you will understand that I've had fears, trepidation and uncertainty about having a D/S relationship with this man. It was suggested that the least I could do for myself - and him - is to give him a chance. Total submission is something I've desired for years, whether I've known this or not, but the opportunity was not there for me, nor did I understand all that it truly meant. So afraid of losing myself and my identity, my reluctance has been fierce.

I decided to write him back, and we've been in touch. This time, however, my submission is pushing me, urging me to please, please, please ... just let him take me there ... let him guide me and open myself up to the possibilities. And, now, I feel like a foolish child; smitten and totally, totally ready - to let this exquisite dominant take me to heights I did not know existed within me.

His control is that which mere men only dream of having; only wishfully thinking they possess - orgasm control - ahh, how tricky. Sure, any man can say they control your orgasms, your levels of arousal, and ultimately the termination of these marvelous sensations -- only to grant you that sweet release if and when they deem you worthy of the gift. But, those men cannot get into your mind and relax there as only a true dom can. Talk is not only cheap, it's a waste of time and energy.

I told him my submission to him would be absolute. I do not wish to give my submission to anyone and everyone. Like him, I'm highly selective and a good dom, a perfect loving dom, has to be worthy of my submission.

This morning, I offered him my gift ... and so, the expedition begins ...