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Well, I got packed quicker than I thought. Rusty Nale has a new address. These doors on this blog will remain open for those who can't find their way.

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Say What?

I've met a new love! And I am in love! And he is in love! At long last ...

So, the number one question is -- This wonderful man; is he a dominant soul? No, in truth, he is not dominant, but he is definitely an alpha male, and he can definitely handle me.

This has proven to be a perfect union so far. Very soon after we met, I disclosed to him my desire to be sexually submissive - and moreover, I wanted to be sexually submissive to him. No, he did not run for the hills as I thought he would, but he was quietly intrigued. His interest rose and I told him more.

I believe he's been here to visit my blog, but he and I have not really consumated a spanking relationship - yet - although he did feel fit to show me a swat or two the first time we were intimate. Quite impressive - he's done this before. He never said that he hasn't, nor has he said that he has. But, it felt like he had.

A funny thing happened the other evening. We scheduled a play date and visited a local hotel for the evening; just for a getaway. Our relationship is very affectionate and playful, and I was just getting comfortable when he reached over to a nightstand and pulled out - of all things - a fly swatter! Please know, I have never been to a hotel room that had a fly swatter in it before.

My love asked me if I wished him to sterilize it first, and I could not imagine what fly would care whether his executioner sterilized the fly swatter or not. I was quite amused until I realized what he intended to do with it. Before I could answer, I received three sharp cracks to my bottom without warning. It did not hurt that much, but the surprise of it all was highly erotic to me - He held it poised over my backside a moment or two longer and I closed my eyes in anticipation of the next onslaught, but it never came.

He looked thoughtful as he placed it back in the drawer, before making wild lucious love to me. How odd that was? I think he's feeling his way around me.

I'm tickled pink!