Moving Day!

Well, I got packed quicker than I thought. Rusty Nale has a new address. These doors on this blog will remain open for those who can't find their way.

However, my new lodging is at:



Please don't forsake me - come to my new digs, and bring your friends ... there's room!

And, THANK YOU all for your patience and dedication. Always, Rusty!


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Sunday, April 25, 2010

And so it goes ...

I've had many well wishers offer me wonderful greetings regarding my "new beau," who happens to not be my new beau anymore ... So, what else is new? I think I've got this huge magnet attached to the back of my ass that attracts men who profess their undying love to me as their lives fly out of control before their eyes.

NEWS FLASH! One cannot love or try to love someone else when you've got issues and demons plaguing your every move. You may mean well, with all good intentions, but if you cannot love - or even like yourself - you're totally incapable of giving to others. And this is sad, because everyone deserves love and to be loved and to give love ... But, you also need to be prepared to receive love first. Have you ever met someone who does not know how to take kindness? They can't accept a compliment, or a gift - no matter how simple the gift or the gesture? Yet, these are the people who want to do it all for you, and then when it becomes too overwhelming for them, they bail and wail and cause all hell to break loose.
I am certain you aren't following my rant here ... I'm just thinking out loud. But, my search does continue for my perfect dom-love ... However, in the meantime, my adventures will continue to guide me -- magnet be damned!

On another note, I have put my original novel on hold in lieu of a new and improved version - PLEASE keep your eyes open and I promise, lovers, to give you some sweet tidbits very soon!