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Well, I got packed quicker than I thought. Rusty Nale has a new address. These doors on this blog will remain open for those who can't find their way.

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Please don't forsake me - come to my new digs, and bring your friends ... there's room!

And, THANK YOU all for your patience and dedication. Always, Rusty!


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Friday, August 28, 2009

The Gear

I am a big girl - not figuratively speaking, but speaking of my figure. I've known this all of my life, and have struggled and battled with what society says is physically correct in our world. But, this is who I am, and only in the past year have I truly come to love me for who I am, embrace my extended femininity and release my new found sexuality.

So, I ventured out to stores like Victoria's Secret and other similar lingerie boutiques, only to find there is absolutely nothing in those stores for a woman like myself. Since I am not morbidly obese or super-sized, I was disappointed to run into this situation; not to mention the cold brush-offs from many of the store clerks. But, I knew there were other women out there like myself who had the look, had the goods and The Gear ... And, I had to have it.

Online I discovered a multitude of websites catering to the plus size diva, but some of them came off cheap and cheesy; and I knew what I wanted. My personal style is more earthy, sensuous, but yet candy box too ... I wanted quality va-va-va-voom! Thus, I stumbled across Hips & Curves - a fabulous website dedicated to big, beautiful, sexy women who want to keep it live ... Not much more I can say about the site; it speaks for itself. There are also tips for men who love to buy beautiful lingerie for their ladies.

This isn't a paid endorsement for the site, I'm just sharing my newest passion.