Moving Day!

Well, I got packed quicker than I thought. Rusty Nale has a new address. These doors on this blog will remain open for those who can't find their way.

However, my new lodging is at:



Please don't forsake me - come to my new digs, and bring your friends ... there's room!

And, THANK YOU all for your patience and dedication. Always, Rusty!


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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I’m sexually submissive, but NOT passive. My sexuality is complex. I can't explain it, and it's not something I have indulged in with many people, including, my ex.

It is something I've always felt, and I had been in touch with myself this way. It's very, very personal, and the person I am going to be with has to want it even more than I do. Otherwise, I cannot submit, surrender, humble myself and feel totally conquered. This, for me, is highly erotic. Few relationships go to that level because you both have to be on the same page; some aren't even in the same book. It’s an understanding. It's foreplay in a sense – sometimes - sometimes more.

I love the anticipation; the apprehension; not knowing …

So, I've met this young man, and I have told him of my delicacy (I don't really like the word 'fetish,') and now he knows. He believes he can fill the bill. Suppose we'll just have to see.