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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

This Morning

I am still so lost - but, I know this man has found me again - and there is a reason for this. I never set out to be owned; I was simply looking for someone who just enjoyed spanking and could quench my thirst for the same. But, this gentleman has engaged me and invited me down this path with him and it scares me.

To have to ask permission for simple things I take for granted; for having to beg him to allow myself to be pleased - he says my biggest fear should be not of what he would do to me, but of what he would NOT do to me, or with me, or for me ... I should fear that one day he will not exist for me, and it is my job to ensure this does not happen. Some people would immediately walk away in a huff and say fuck this! Two months ago, I would have ... three weeks ago, I would have ...

Yesterday, I had a small crisis in my life, and who did I call? Him ... he's winning, isn't he?


  1. Baby steps, baby steps, :) slowly towards the goal. What steps, changes is he taking, making for you? It goes both ways,,,,as you cede control, allow additional influence, what is his investment, risk?
    Bloggers Network to show on your blog? I cannot make mine attach. Thanks, CD

  2. I agree with CD baby steps and take it easy in the beginning, it will give you chance to be cautious and a better chance to experience each little thing.

    I love the music and over all design of your blog. Clearly a creative streak runs through you. Dear hands indeed.

    In response to your comments on my blog, yes I agree totally about Wikipedia however in this case I judged their words were OK and I can assure you I am much better read on feminism then wikipedia. Also I included that I quoted from there so you the reader would be able to judge my thoughts with that in mind.


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