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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

the decision

As quick as the ride began, it has ended. So, he calls me and gives me the ultimatum of making my decision immediately - with me still in the dark as to what such a relationship would involve. Total control, total dependency - it's completely foreign to me. And not that I would not have, but he never told me how it would be, what to expect, what type of life it would be. It was all about me just trusting him, and walking into the unknown with him.

If we had at least met in person - if I could have looked into this man's eyes, I could have something to base my decision on. I'm new at this; am I completely stupid? Is this the way it's supposed to be? So, I told him no.

Complete ownership of my life was not out of the question; but giving it up so freely without knowing the facts, the consequences, the benefits, etc. is out of the question. I told him I had the right to make an educated decision. He told me I did not.

So, here I am, tears falling into a bowl full of cake batter, and ...


  1. Apparently he is one who must have the entire connection on his terms. Perhaps that is what allows him to feel it. However, in this day and age you made the decision that was wisest. We shall see how it yet turns out. CD

  2. your instincts had served you well. This is not the way it works and you have every right to ask every question you have, to get answers, to set limits and have them respected and to be in the know. Save your submission for a man who will honour you as much as you honour him and know moving forward this will show first in honesty.


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